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What we do
Naijatek Solutions, a professional Web Design Firm, is located in the Washington Metropolitan area specializing in providing small to mid-sized businesses with Web Site development solutions. A client’s Web Site is the public's first glance at the business. It is important that the first visit to a Web Site be very user-friendly and distinctively memorable. For Web Sites that attract the right customers at the right time, Naijatek Solutions is the Firm to employ. Naijatek Solutions will develop professional looking Web Sites that meet and exceed current and future needs of one’s business.

Our Credentials
Your Web Site is not complete until you are 100% satisfied. We will work together hand-in-hand in order to accomplish this goal. We offer the following elements for your site:

  • Custom graphics & navigation
  • Research & Composition Services
  • Photo Scanning
  • Graphics Work
  • FastCounter hit counter
  • FTP upload to your server space
  • Site Search feature
  • Digital photography
  • Database design and integration


How to get started

Choosing a Domain Name
Before Naijatek Solutions can get started on building your Web Site, you need to decide on a domain name. A domain name locates a business, an organization or other entities on the Internet. For example, our business name is "Naijatek Solutions" and our domain name is "". The domain name locates the Internet address for Naijatek Solutions on a particular host server at “www”. The “com” part of the domain name defines the purpose of the business, organization or entity, which in this case is “Commercial”. Other top-level domain names available are .NET, .ORG,  .CC, .TV, .BIZ, .US, .INFO, .BZ and so on.

Searh for your domain name:
. com

Choosing a Hosting Package
Now once a client decides on a domain name, Naijatek Solutions verifies the availability of the chosen domain name with the main Internet Name Registry. If the domain name is available, Naijatek Solutions registers your choice of domain name on a yearly basis or for as long as ten years with a third party Web Site hosting vendor. Available and credible Web Site hosting vendors will be recommended by Naijatek Solutions. Having Naijatek Solutions manage your hosting shifts the burden of making sure your website is up all the time and shifts all the technicalities involved to us.

Designing “The Web Site
Naijatek Solutions takes pride in its “engineering capabilities”, our Portfolio Section shows examples of our expertise in this area.
Once your preliminary Web Site is completed, it will be available for private viewing and approval prior to being posted on the Internet. After you critique the Web Site and are completely satisfied with the design, it will be placed on the Internet.

Web Site Maintainance
Don't let your web site get stale! Nothing's worse than a web site with outdated information, links that don't work, and the same set of information on page one. Let Naijatek Solutions handle your site maintenance quickly and efficiently. Just fax or e-mail updates and we'll see that your new info is posted in a timely manner. You'll be certain to draw repeat customers by keeping your web site up-to-date and fresh. No special events or meetings coming up? How about some new colors, "Cool Links" or  fresh FAQs for your visitors?

Please note that we DO NOT usually create web sites that clients may then take over and update themselves, exceptions can be considered. Our updates are done quickly and efficiently, and are charged at the hourly rate. You are billed for the actual minutes spent on the work -- at 15 mins intervals.

The marketing or advertising of your site is done by:

  • Search Engines
  • Word of Mouth
  • Multi Media - radio, business cards, product brochures, etc.
  • Online Resources such as chat rooms, bulletin boards and e-mail.


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