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Pricing Structure
For the reason that all services (websites, application programming and PC services) are different, it would be impossible to give an exact pricing structure. However, your first consultation is free. 30% of full charge will be payable after the design/service has been agreed upon, and the rest payable on completion of service.

Request a Quote
To request a quote submit a Request Quote Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Invoicing & Payment
Naijatek Solutions invoices domain name registrations and hosting services when the registrations are completed and the services are verified. Since these are "out-of-pocket" expenses, payment is expected in full within 10 business days of the date of the invoice.

Naijatek Solutions invoices web site design services in two phases:
1) when the web site preview has been approved and it's certain that our client is satisfied to date; and
2) when the web site is launched and miscellaneous "live" services (like search engine submissions) have been completed. Payment is expected in full within 15 business days of the dates of the invoices, unless previous payment installment arrangements have been authorized.

Naijatek Solutions invoices web site maintenance on a monthly basis or per incident.

Payment Method
Online payments can be made by using either cash, checks, even online using pay-pal.



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