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Web Services

Q. Why do I need a website?
Improving customer service and meeting customer expectations along with attracting new prospects, increased visibility and expanding existing market(s).

Q. Where does my website reside when we are done?
The website resides on a server, sometimes referred to as a host or central computer.

Q. Do I have to do anything to my computer to have a website?
No. You don't even need a computer to have a website.

Q. How do people find out about my website?
A. You could add your URL to your advertising media, business cards, product brochures, letterheads etc. Naijatek will add your site to the most popular search engines so that people can find you. Consider this like your yellow pages except your website will be available all over the world.

Q. How much does a website cost?
We would need some basic information before we could give you an approximate price. Normally a site would cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The price depends largely on the complexity and content of the page(s). There are endless combinations of technology, content and format that can affect the pricing.

Q. What do I do If I want to change something?
If you want to change something, a simple call and meeting will start in motion a proposal and ultimate completion of additions or changes to your website.

Is there a monthly fee to have a website?
Normally there is a monthly charge by the server (host) to carry your website. This charge will depend on the size of the site. A charge for a simple website could be as little as $20 per month.

How often must I make changes to maintain my website?
Your website, once it is up, does not require you to make any further changes. However, to keep your site up to date with your business practices and products, you should review your site periodically and request changes as needed.

What is a domain name and do I need one?
A domain name is a permanent internet address that will allow you to change your internet service. Your domain name can be transferred to the new service. This allows your advertising, brochures, business cards etc. to continue to be accurate and usable.


Programming & Application Services

Q. What is HTML that i always hear about?
An abbreviation of Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the coding language for the World Wide Web that informs browsers how to display a document's text, links, graphics and other media. This language forms the foundation for all Web pages.

Q. What is Javascript?
Javascript is an embeded Interpreted script language.

Q. What is JSP (JavaServer Page)?
JavaServer Pages (JSP) lets you separate the dynamic part of your pages from the static HTML.

Q. What is Java?
Java is a computer language created by Sun Microsystems

PC Services

Q. What are the requirements for a strong password?

    • Passwords must be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 characters.
    • Passwords must contain at least 2 numeric and 2 alphabetic characters.
    • Passwords cannot contain blanks.
    • Passwords cannot contain more than three repeating alpha or numeric characters, AAAA, and 1111 are invalid.
    • Passwords cannot contain more than three sequential alpha or numeric characters, ABCD and 1234 are invalid.
    • Passwords cannot be equal to the current password.

Q. My computer is too slow, whats wrong?
This could be due to one of these two factor, processing speed or memory.


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