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About Us


Naijatek Solutions is a full Service Enterprise Solutions Company with 10 years of experience. We offer professional Web Services, Enterprise Custom programming and Development Services for a wide-variety of small businesses, entities and organizations. We also perform Personal and Enterprise Level Computer Hardware and Software Setup, Repair and Installation, with an emphasis on computers running Disk Operating System (DOS) and all versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Our Vision
Naijatek Solutions vision is to be the #1 household name in Computer Technology Services Worldwide.

Our Mission
Naijatek Solutions is a consulting firm with Ten years of Computer Technology Experience whose mission is to provide Web, Custom Programming, Personal Computer and Computer Training Services to every Customer that has not been touched by Computer Technology Worldwide. We believe that as a "Best Cost Provider", we can give our Customers the best value for their money by incorporating good to excellent Services in an ethical manner.

Company Objectives

1. To equip every Customer (touched or untouched by Computer Technology) with Software Programming Skills that satisfies their needs.

2. To solve Computer related problems and provide a way to use Computer Technology to meet the needs of every Customer.

3. To be the best Systems Designer and Integrator in the Computer Technology Industry.

4. To continue to provide excellent Quality and Customer-driven Web services in areas such as Maintenance, Renovation, Graphics Development and Database Integration (MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB2).

5. To provide the best Custom Software Programming Services in areas such as XML, Java Servlets, JSP, Visual Basic and other future programming languages.

6. To satisfactorily Repair, Configure, Setup, Install and Upgrade Personal Computers owned by our Customers.

7. To expand Services from the North American market to the Asian, European, Latin America and African Markets in 10years.

8. To continuously involve our employees in the redefinition of the company’s strategic vision.

9. To be the Number One Household Name in Computer Technology Services through well-thought out methods such as aggressive advertising campaigns.

10. To increase Sales and Revenue by at least 20% over the next 5 years.

11. To deliver Services On Time and On Budget.

12. To implement a Company Ethics Policy that will show our strong belief in high standard of ethics.



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